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Kirklees Raynet Amateur Radio Emergency Network


About Raynet

   Raynet is a UK voluntary organization in communications which is provided by licensed radio amateurs and some ’RAY’ members who are not licensed but give their time freely to shadow or assist in some way a radio operator, they also give up their free time voluntarily for the benefit of the nation in general.

   We have some ray members in Kirklees Raynet, and are as thankful to those members as well as the licensed members for giving their time and help in our duties.

The official aspect behind Raynet

   ‘Radio Amateur Emergency Network’ provides a communication service for the following in an emergency or none-emergency situation e.g. all Emergency Services, Red Cross, St Johns Ambulance and the Emergency Planning Offices and User Services.

   We have had training to prepare members for real emergency disasters so everyone is ready and able to cope with the pressure of the situation which may arise; here are just some of what we could be called out for using ‘Radio Communication‘ e.g. floods, natural disasters, missing people. oil fires. Raynet also gave radio coverage in the Lockerbie Air Disaster.

We also offer the public safe radio communication for large and small organised events e.g.; gala‘s, sponsored charity walks and bicycle rides which makes good training and practice exercises for our members.

  Any of the above named user/emergency services can request our assistance to aid with radio coverage in fun activities through to major disasters. This can be done often with little notice or some prior preparation.

Kirklees Raynet will turn out often at short notice to help surrounding areas, to provide the necessary communication for the safety for such events.

    Volunteers normally use their own equipment, these can range from Hand held radio’s at around 5 watts to anything up to 50 plus watts, depending on the area being covered on a specific event, to mobile radio’s with a much higher output of 50 plus watts. These radio’s are usually found in the members vehicles. If needs be we us talk through which uses a fairly high output to make sure all members can hear the ‘Traffic’ to and from control.